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Building purpose-driven brands

A spotlight on brand purpose clears away the inessential and focuses your brand on what’s real, resonant, and breakthrough. Northbound believes that the only way for a brand to thrive is to uncover that purpose, orient your organization around it, and use it to drive clear, confident decisions.

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“Through research, insight, and incredible partnership, Northbound has been able to address thorny brand strategy questions, navigate naming architecture, and help us develop a shared purpose across a rapidly growing organization.”
Ada Agrait
General Manager, Cloud + Enterprise Services, Microsoft
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September, 2020
Craig Motlong

Finding the sweet spot: naming and identity creation for startups


The creation of the Joywell brand was a process of rigor, creativity, and finding the emotional resonance that sits between the two. The outcome is a brand born of vibrancy, happiness, and the pleasure of taste built into its expression.…

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