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Building purpose-driven brands

A spotlight on brand purpose clears away the inessential and focuses your brand on what’s real, resonant, and breakthrough. Northbound believes that the only way for a brand to thrive is to uncover that purpose, orient your organization around it, and use it to drive clear, confident decisions.

What we do
“Through research, insight, and incredible partnership, Northbound has been able to address thorny brand strategy questions, navigate naming architecture, and help us develop a shared purpose across a rapidly growing organization.”
Ada Agrait
General Manager, Cloud + Enterprise Services, Microsoft
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April, 2023

Who’s the hero of your sustainability narrative?


Earth Day is approaching and brands around the world are preparing to highlight their newest initiatives aimed at making the world a little greener. We hear about net-zero and carbon capture, alternative energy and wind farms; but year after year, some companies inevitably put their feet in their mo…

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